It was fantastic. The ending was so moving. Well done and thank you to everyone involved.

Audience Member – Night Voices

Night Voices was amazing, congratulations to everyone at Beartuza.

Audience Member – Night Voices

Loved Night Voices, looking forward to your next production.

Audience Member – Night Voices

Beartuza has been and is one of the best opportunities that I have had in my life. Beartuza to me means a unique place people can go to do what they enjoy while having fun in an non-pressurised environment. Beartuza has given me the confidence and hope that I could far in acting.

Alphaeus – Youth Theatre Company Member

Our school has worked with Beartuza for over a year now and have found that the children are always enthusiastic about what they do. The parents are pleased with what the children have done, particularly those children who are shy or less confident.

Margaret Fahey – St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School

We had so much fun and learnt so much about our topic, the Anglo Saxons. The Seven Second Story was hilarious.

Keira – Hadley Wood Primary School – Full Day Drama Workshop

My Favourite part of the day was when we had to tell the story of Beowulf in our freeze frames. They made the story come to life!

Ryan – Hadley Wood Primary School – Full Day Drama Workshop

We didn’t want to leave when it was over. Beartuza were brilliant.

Mia – Hadley Wood Primary School – Full Day Drama Workshop

Absolutely fantastic! The young performers were very professional and really got involved with the characters. Will definitely come to the next one.

Audience Member – The Living Library

The actors were brilliant. Brought the library to life.

Audience Member – The Living Library

What a brilliant project and idea- suspended belief for a couple of hours.

Audience Member – The Living Library

Great, very creative, fatanstic to see young people making good quality live theatre.

Audience Member – The Living Library

The children’s performances were amazing, they were really in character. I really enjoyed it and hope to see another performance.

Audience Member – The Living Library

I really had fun at the Beartuza Summer School. I met new people and learnt new skills and became much more confident. It was great working on our plays and Phil and Laura really helped us. I hope I will be able to do other things with Beartuza and recommend it to anyone interested in drama and acting. 

Jess – Participant – Summer School 2015

My son has had such a privilege to work with Beartuza. He has learnt so much from not only them, but developed himself along with all the other participants. He has enjoyed himself immensely and we think he might have found his calling! His godmother and I are very impressed with all the hard work from everyone from the Summer School, to be able to produce such entertainment in only a short period.  Roll on to future workshops, can’t wait for the Living Library.

Vera – Parent

My daughter had a great experience working with Beartuza Theatre Company on their innovative Living Library enterprise. She really enjoyed the rehearsals and the actual performances at Walthamstow Library. I’m sure that being involved in this community project has helped her develop her skills in performing as well as being personally very fulfilling and rewarding. Hopefully she can build on the experience and add more feathers to her cap in the future. Thank you to Beartuza for offering the kids this lovely creative adventure.

Diana – Parent