What We Do



Beartuza champions the creation of new theatre, whether it be a traditional stage production or an immersive experience in a non-traditional performance space. Taking inspiration from diverse themes, ranging from the everyday to the abstract, we work with fellow performers to create innovative and exciting performances.

With productions ranging from promenade to traditional seated performances, our aim is to create an immersive and interactive world for our audiences.

You can keep up to date with our current productions by visiting our What’s On page.

Youth Theatre


Beartuza Youth Theatre Company is open to all young people aged 11-18 in Waltham Forest.

Our work with our young actors reflects our own beliefs as a company. We work hard to create new theatre and expect the level of commitment and professionalism to match that of the adult company. This means turning up to every rehearsal with the right mind set, ready to produce something of genuine quality. This is necessary, as we encourage our young people to be creatively involved in developing performances that we can all be proud of.

Unlike a performing arts school who hold weekly lessons over the course of a term, our projects vary in length and always culminate in a public performance. We aim to make Youth Theatre Company projects affordable to all, as having had this kind of opportunity ourselves, we believe young people should have access to these opportunities regardless of their circumstances.

If you are interested in becoming part of our Youth Theatre Company, please get in touch via the Contact page.




Our workshops are suitable for schools, colleges, universities and community groups of all sizes.  All workshops can be tailored to meet your group’s specific requirements.

Seven Second Fairy tale

Our trademark workshop. Over the course of a session, participants create their own narrative, taking inspiration from fairy tales. Each piece is performed at the end of the session in progressively shorter amounts of time. In all honesty, it does get a bit frantic. We like to think of it as controlled chaos.




Theatre In A Day

6 sessions and 6 different types of theatre. Perfect for a school that wants something that all students can be involved in. Each year group has their own session focussing on a different type of theatre.

Tailored Workshops

We tailor workshops for schools, colleges, universities and community groups across the country. If you provide us with details of what you want it to include, we’ll get back you within 3 working days with a full workshop plan.


After School Sessions


We offer after school sessions led by industry professionals on a weekly basis during term time, culminating in a performance at the end of each term. In order to ensure that our classes are accessible to all students, we work closely with establishments to produce a package that is financially viable but uncompromising in quality. During these sessions, through our extensive range of exercises and games, we seek to not only teach young people all the key elements of performance but to enhance confidence and communication skills that will benefit them in the wider world.